Tips for Creating Unique Packaging for Your Business
Zara Parsons on May 29, 2023
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Packaging is an essential element of the customer experience and something that many companies overlook during the design and development process. Creating unique packaging for your products is a great way to differentiate your business from the competition. In this article, we have several tips you can use to create unique and inspiring product packaging. 

Experiment with different designs

The packaging doesn’t need to be plain and simple; there are many different designs that you can use for your packaging. Don’t go with the first and most obvious design option; give your designers more time and freedom to experiment with different packaging options. Task them to come up with at least three different designs so you can see what options you have when choosing the packaging for each of your products. If none of the designs are unique enough, go back to the drawing board and look at other potential solutions. 

Use a design agency 

Unique packaging designs aren’t easy to develop; they need people with specialist skills and creative minds to design them successfully. One option you have to improve your packaging designs is to use a specialist packaging design agency. They will employ the best designers with experience in this area so you can come away with an innovative and unique packaging design. Design agencies might be more expensive compared to using an in-house designer, but you’re likely to get a better result at the end of the process. Investing in the design stage is wise, as the packaging can influence how many products you sell. 

Use current trends

Packaging is constantly evolving to keep up to date with the latest trends and what customers find attractive. When designing your packaging, make sure you take into account current packaging trends. You don’t want your design to blend into everything else, but you do want it to be attractive and appealing to what customers are looking for currently. Other businesses might favour more simple packaging designs, or colour might be something that makes more of an appearance on the packaging. This information should factor into your design decisions.

Consider the environment

The design and style of your packaging is important, but so are your environmental credentials. Customers are looking for businesses that offer environmentally friendly products and packaging. Many new and unique materials can be used to create environmentally friendly packaging. If you choose to go down this route, it could set you apart from the competition and encourage customers to purchase your products.

Add gifting options 

A great way to make your packaging more unique is to allow the customer to tailor it and make it suitable for a gift. For example, if you sell jewellery online, you could offer a range of jewellery gift boxes for customers to choose from when buying items. As part of this gifting service, you can add a personalised message to the box written by the customer. This is an excellent way to make your packaging unique to each customer; they can choose designs that best suit the occasion or the person they’re buying for. 

Go back in time

Another interesting approach and a great way to create unique packaging are to take inspiration from the past. If your brand has a heritage, consider remaking the packaging you used when the business first started. Alternatively, you can look at vintage-style packaging from different time periods. This can help your product stand out from the competition, especially if most of them use more modern-style packaging. This approach suits some brands more than others; think about your core brand values and what will appeal to your customers before considering using vintage-style packaging.
Creating unique packaging for your business can set you apart from the competition and, in some situations, can help you to gain new customers. Experiment with different designs and use a design agency to get the best result. Keep up to date with current trends, consider the environment, and add gifting options. Taking inspiration from the past can also be a unique approach for a different style of packaging. Packaging is an important element of the customer experience, and businesses should give it the attention it deserves. Whatever approach you choose, make sure you get feedback from potential customers before launching your new packaging.

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