Our Mission

Wryttr is a platform for writers like you to share your thoughts and ideas with the world. We focus heavily on discoverability and want your articles to reach as many readers as possible.

We have taken a different approach from other platforms, which make readers buy subscriptions to read articles. The problem with their approach is that it restricts who can read your articles. Additionally, since those platforms get a fixed subscription revenue stream every month, they are not incentivized to increase viewership, as that increases platform costs. We believe that writers should get their thoughts in front of as many people as possible and have built our platform aligned with that belief.

Publisher/Author Monetization:

We offer multiple revenue streams for writers who write on our platform and choose to enable monetization.

  1. Ad revenue share

    Wryttr is ad supported. Writers who choose to monetize get a share of ad-revenue that is proportional to the number of views their articles get across the entire platform. Note: Ads will always be shown. You can choose to receive revenue from the ads or add your share to a common pool that will be distributed to other writers.

  2. Tips from patrons

    Any user on the internet can tip you.

  3. Subscription revenue

    Wryttr allows you to create a subscription based business. You can create a publication with high value content that subscribers can then pay money to access.

  4. Article/Content sales

    We've also built on the traditional subscription model and allow users to buy one-off articles from a publication. This is an additional revenue stream that is unique to Wryttr.

  5. Affiliate

    You are free to add affiliate links to programs that do not compete with our business model or are in violation of our terms and conditions.

Our Fees

We charge nominal fees to offset development and hosting costs. We are mission driven and believe that the fees we charge allow us to not only run a platform that encourages writers and thought-leaders to share their ideas freely, but also to build audiences and sustainable businesses from the communities that they foster.

Revenue Stream Percentage
Ad Revenue 25%
Subscription Revenue 10%
Tips 10%
Individual Article Sales 10%
Affiliate Income 0%

We use Stripe as our payment processor. Stripe charges an additional 2.9% + 30c per successful card charge.