Loungewear Essentials: Things You Need for a Cosy Wardrobe
Bradley Price on June 27, 2023
Loungewear has become an important part of many people’s daily clothing. Often people want to feel comfortable and relaxed when they’re in their homes; to do this, they get change out of their work clothing or going out clothing and into their loungewear. In this article, we take a look at some of the loungewear essentials everyone needs to have a cosy and comfortable time at home. 

Relaxed T-shirts or lounge tops

The fit of your clothing can change how comfortable you feel when you’re relaxing at home. Relaxed clothing tends to be larger and more comfortable than tailored or tight-fitting items. An essential that will form part of your loungewear wardrobe is relaxed t-shirts or lounge tops. Relaxed t-shirts are great because they have a dual purpose; you can wear them at home when relaxing and go out to the shop or run errands without needing to change. Lounge tops might be more fluffy or similar to pyjamas; these are less versatile as you probably won’t want to go out of the house wearing one, but they can be more comfortable. 

Jogging bottoms 

Jeans and trousers can be restrictive and uncomfortable, especially if you are trying to sit back and relax. A better alternative is a good pair or two of comfortable jogging bottoms. These are great for keeping your legs warm and helping you feel comfortable when you’re chilling at home. In addition, many jogging bottoms are also very stylish, so you can still wear them outside the house if you like. When choosing jogging bottoms, the cuffed style is often more practical and stylish; if you do need to go out in bad weather, the bottom of your joggers won’t get wet or dirty on the ground.

Dressing gown

A dressing gown is a great comfort item that you can wear over the top of your other loungewear to keep you warm, or you can wear it on its own if you don’t feel like getting dressed. Dressing gowns are soft and comfortable items that you can relax in when you’re chilling at home or sitting eating your breakfast. Shop for cashmere dressing gowns for ultimate softness and comfort. In addition, cashmere can be worn in several seasons as the material is breathable, draws moisture away from the body, and is incredibly insulating; you won’t regret buying a cashmere dressing gown. 

Slippers or house shoes

Keeping your feet warm and comfortable is just as important as the rest of your body. Choose a good pair of slippers or house shoes. Many people prefer supportive shoes over slippers, especially if they have issues with their feet and need extra support. Things like rubber clogs can be great for inside the house. If you’re choosing slippers, opt for a high-quality slipper that can be washed in the washing machine without deteriorating. These will last much longer than standard slippers that need replacing after a few months of use. 

Relaxed shorts

When the weather gets warmer, you’ll need something that’s still comfortable but not as warm on your body. Relaxed shorts or legging shorts can be great for wearing around the house. Your legs will be free so that you can stay cool and comfortable in the hot weather. When choosing legging shorts, opt for a high-quality brand that prioritises the comfort of the wearer. These will be much more comfortable and long-lasting compared to cheap leggings that quickly lose their elasticity and become see-through over time. Always check before you leave the house if you can see through your leggings when you bend over; this can avoid an embarrassing situation.
These are just some essentials to get you started on filling your wardrobe with cosy items that you can wear around the house. If the weather is particularly cold, you can also get fluffy socks, a jumper or a hoodie and a cosy hat. Although not strictly part of your wardrobe, blankets can also be nice for keeping you warm, relaxed and comfortable when you’re at home. Whenever you’re choosing clothing for your wardrobe, try to select quality pieces that are environmentally friendly. These will last longer and reduce the harm caused to the environment. 

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