Analytical vs. Intuitive - Why bother?

March 12, 2022
Intrigued by the term ’Analytical Intuition’, I decided to learn more by searching online and was struck at the number of searches and pages focused on categorizing people who have an intuitive style or Analytical style. We can blame the google search algorithm for once again not truly finding what we are really searching for, if I am honest its the corporate culture that has pitted employees into people who make decisions based on their intuition or are analytical.  Just to close the loop on the google search algorithm, if it were a person it would be categorized as an analytical thinker!
Before we get into what Analytical Intuition means, it’s important to acknowledge and understand the intuitive style and analytical style. 
Analytical Style - Being Logical, breaking down complex problems into smaller pieces and solving them individually. People who are objective in their assessment, typically cautious and take time to form their opinion.  The most interesting piece here was people who think mostly with their “Left Brain"
Intuitive Style - Using their “Gut” or “Feel”, approach is less structured and usually more holistic. . Decisions are made based on what they feel is right or what their “Gut” tells them or what their “Right Brain” tells them. People are more subjective and open to individual biases.
If you are still reading this blog, don’t worry you have been categorized already in numerous reviews and millions of personality traits assessments, remember Myers and Briggs. Yes, you have also been told during reviews that its not that, "you don’t use one side of your brain at all it’s just you just tend to use more of one and less of the other".  I for one believe if you take away all these categories and these personality traits and the playing field was leveled, people will "simply" make decisions 
Before we become political about this, let me put a disclaimer that I am not advocating that you are "correct" or "better" if use the left side or right side or both sides of your brain. I am just making a case of using your brains, keeping things simple and that’s when you will make decisions.  
P.S: True story - I love Myers and Briggs so much that I can manage to achieve all 16 personality traits!

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